Betser Life


Adv. Anil Kolloth

LLB | 22 Years Experience.

Specialization: Company Laws, Mergers & Acquisitions, Intellectual Property Rights, Private Equity.


Adv. Arun S

B.A, LL.B (Hons) | 26 Years of Experience.

Specialization: Litigation, Transaction Advisory, Real Estate, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property.


Adv. Bissimon C S

LLM | 22 Years of Experience.

Specialization: Civil, Criminal, Family and Arbitration Cases.


Adv. Chithra P George

B.S.L, LL.B., LL.M. NUS, LL.M. MIDS | 4 Years of Experience.

Specialization: Arbitration, Food Safety, Contract, Constitution, Writ Jurisdiction Matters


Adv. Enoch David Simon Joel

BA LLB (Hons) : NUALS, LLM | 12 Years of Experience.

Specialization: Mining Laws, Corporate Laws, Property Laws, Taxation Laws.


Adv. Hareesh Mahadevan

LLB, LLM | Criminal Law, Cyber Law, IPR | 8 Years Experience.

Specialization: IPR Affairs, Cyber Law, Criminology


Adv. Jaikrishna R

B.A LL.B (Hons), LLM | 13 Years of Experience.

Specialization: Constitutional Law, Direct and Indirect Taxes, Real Estate Laws, Commercial Laws, Arbitration.


Adv. Jyothishkumar PS

B.Sc, L.L.B | 26 Years of Experience.

Specialization: Civil Cases, Property Disputes, Corporate Cases, Financial Disputes, Criminal Cases, Matrimonial Disputes, Contractual Disputes


Adv. Mary John J. Morais

M.A, LL.B, Ph.D | 35 Years of Experience

Specialization: Ngo Management, Training Management, Legal Consulting.


Adv. Mathews P. George

B.A LL.B (Hons) (NUJS, Kolkata), LLM (Munich Intellectual Property Law Centre) | 11 Years of Experience

Specialization: Administrative Law, Competition Law, Constitutional Law, Contract Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, International Law, Property Law, Technology Law


Adv. Sunil Ambalavelil

BL | 20 Years of Experience

Specialization: Arbitration & Mediation, Commercial Transaction Law, Company Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Criminal Law, IPR, Labour Law, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, UAE Civil Code.


Adv. Suresh Brahmadas

B.A, LLB | 26 Years of Experience.

Specialization: Motor Accident Cases, Cyber Law Cases, Civil Cases, Family Court Cases


Adv. Vincent Raphael

B.A, LL.B | 22 Years of Experience as Lawyer .

Specialization: Civil, Criminal Cases, POCSO Act Cases, Service Cases, Negotiable Instrument Act Cases, Cases Under Arbitration and Conciliation Act.


Adv. Jyoti Kumari

M.Sc., LL.B | 16 Years of Experience

Specialization: Intellectual Property Rights, Transactional, Conducting Trainings sessions/workshops for R&D sector and start-ups


Adv. Avaneesh Koyikkara

MSc, LL.B. | 10 Years of Experience

Specialization: Constitution, Civil, Revenue, Registration, Local Self Government, Banking, Property/ Land, Corporate/ Company/ Business, Service/ Employment, Education, Media and Criminal Laws.


Adv. Navjot Singh

B.Com, LL.B., LL.M. | 5 Years of Experience

Specialization: Intellectual Property, Contract Drafting and Startup compliance, US Intellectual Property Laws Diploma 


Adv. A.G. Syam Kumar

B Com, LLB, PGDEL, PGDEM | 23 Years of Experience

Specialization: Civil, Criminal, Family, Child Custody, Corporate,
Contract, Agreements.


Adv. Mujeeb Rehuman

LLB | 22 Years of Experience

Specialization: Family & Divorce , Criminal, Civil


Adv. Jiyas Jamal

B Com, LLB, PGDEL, PGDEM | 8 Years of Experience

Specialization: Cyber Crime Cases & Cyber Security, Intellectual Property Rights in Cyberspace and Digital Media, Digital Entertainment & E-commerce Legal Compliance 


Adv. Kiranlal M


Specialization: Criminal Law, Matrimonial Law, Domestic Violence, Constitutional Matters, Both In The Trial Side And Also Appellate Jurisdiction | 14 years of experience.


Adv. Swati Varshney

M. Phil (Chem), LLB

Specialization:Patent, Trademarks, Design, Copyright | 14 years of experience.


Adv. Ameer Mydeen

BA, LLB, PGDM | 7 Years of Experience

Specialization: Arbitration & Mediation, Commercial Transaction Law, Company Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Criminal Law, IPR, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Family Law, Data Protection and Compliance, Risk & governance.


Adv. Paul John

B.Com, LLB | 20+ Years of Experience

Specialization:Corporate & Commercial Laws, Technology Laws ,Property & Personal Laws.


Adv N. S. Jyothikumar

MA, LLB | 5 Years of Experience

Specialization: International law, Civil law


Adv. Samson Mathew

M.Com, LLB, CFA | 7 Years of Experience

Specialization: Fund raising, Investments, Virtual CFO, Management Consulting

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