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Betser is the premium expert opinion platform that provides users (Global Indians or anyone away from their hometown) with personalized advice and guidance on important matters.

BETSER panel of experts includes highly qualified and experienced doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants, architects, designers, and other rare consultants. Great care is taken in expanding their team by regularly onboarding new top-of-the-line consultants, doctors, and experts who undergo a rigorous validation process, including referrals and vetting. Users can consult human experts who possess deep knowledge in their respective fields, gaining access to expert insights, alternative perspectives, and critical analysis that contribute to well-informed decision-making.

Through BETSER websites and apps, users gain access to comprehensive expert profiles, convenient appointment scheduling, and flexible options for video, audio, or chat consultations. With integrated payment capabilities and a satisfaction rating system, our platform eliminates the need for travel, reduces risks, and saves valuable time and money for our users.

BETSER team’s human-centric approach emphasizes compassion and care, ensuring that individuals receive support at the earliest. To provide a seamless experience, they offer case managers who help users even if it requires in-person consultations. The BETSER experts offer personalized guidance tailored to the user’s unique needs and circumstances. By leveraging the competence of human professionals, BETSER bridges the gap between specialized knowledge and actionable next steps.


Our vision is to be the premier online platform, enabling individuals to consult verified experts for valuable insights and personalized guidance before making important decisions.


Empowering a million lives through informed decision-making for a better future.


Enriching Experience with Care

We shall ensure that every interaction/consulting experience provides value for users, with compassion & care.

Expertise and Competence

We shall provide best specialists and verified Doctors/RMPs/consultants to provide expert opinion and guidance to users.

Integrity & Transparency

We shall be honest and open with our users, consultants, partners and employees.

Human-Centric Tech

We shall priorities human-centric approach when we consider technology design and utilization.




Aby Philip
chief technology officer

Advisory Board

Dr. G.S. Kailash
Specialist in Asthma Care & Obstructive Airway Disorders
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Tom O. Kleppestø
 MSc, General Manager Maritime Oslofjord Alliance
Oslo, Norway

Dr. Sweta Prakash Adatia,
 MBBS, MD , DNB, FACP, Cambridge MBA
Specialist Neurologist, 
Medical Director – RAK Hospital, UAE
Director – Step4 Health India Foundation

Dr. Murali B. K
MBBS, MS – Orthopedic Surgery Chairman & Managing Director of Ayushman Nagpur Hospital and Hope Hospital

Benild Joseph
BE, M.Tech, PhD

Renowned White Hat Hacker | Cybersecurity Researcher | Author | Podcaster | TEDx Speaker | Limca Book Record Holder 
Former IS Advisor to Government of India
Founder – Secure Mojo, CA – United States

Aparna Jayakumar, MA, BEd
Director – eMalhar, Special Needs Educator – Trivandrum, India

Hema Jayaram, MBA
Life & Health Insurance Consultant
Bangalore, India

Dr. Philip Mathew, MD
Internal Medicine
New York, USA

Ben Paul, BE, MBA
General Manager – NBTC Group

Liju Mathew, BE, MBA 
Director – Solutions & Systems, Etisalat
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Dr. Preeti Nair
MBBS , FRACP (Rheumatology), FRACP (Geriatric Med), FASLM (Lifestyle Med) 
Specialist Geriatrician, Rheumatologist and Lifestyle Physician 
Victoria, Australia

Leenna Jayachaandran
M.Com, MBA

CEO, Transdefy – Dubai, UAE

Dr. Jero Varghese, PhD
Dubai, UAE

Zakariah Jacob
Business Process Strategist & Financial Mentor, Kuwait

Dr. Rajyashree N Kutty
MBBS, MS General Surgery
Specialist Surgeon ( Breast & Perianal Diseases), Oman

Dr. Suresh Prabhakar
B.Sc, MBBS, FRCS, Dip. Urology
Director ICME, Trivandrum, India

Santhosh Kumar CMIOSH, CSP, CRSP
CEO Integrated Consultants for
Health & Safety. Abu Dhabi, UAE

Oomachen A. M
Toronto, Canada

Biju Paul, BE
Management Consultant

Dr. Bijoy Tharakan Thomas
Toronto, Canada

Dr. Deepak S Das
BDS Implantologist
Kollam, India

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